Lifestyles is what it’s all about in Jeffrey’s Bay.

Why did most of us move down here? To experience the open spaces, fresh air, un-cluttered roads and community spirit. Hop on your bicycle and experience our trails – go for a long walk on the beach or just lie and tan!

Whether you want to live on the water, in a bushcamp or just with beautiful views, Jeffrey’s Bay features the lifestyles suited to you taste. Escape the traffic of the city and enjoy the lifestyles Jeffrey’s Bay has to offer! Become part of a community building their town to be the preferred holiday destination in the Eastern Cape.

Visit our Tourism office or go to their website to find out more.

Diving and Snorkling

Discover the power of the experience! Come explore the unexplored ocean with reefs teeming with soft coral, ragged tooth sharks, dolphins and whales. Scuba diving courses, dive charters, dive equipment, sales and air fills. We are located on the Main beach, next to launch site across Training Edge Gym.

Silver Lake Marine

Silverlake Marine – no1