Jeffrey’s Bay has resilient business people and this page is dedicated to featuring a showcase business from time to time.

With a seasonal cycle facing most of us, one has to be creative to make your business thrive. There are many stories to relate of local people who have opened a business and made a success of it. There is also the old story of arriving in the BMW and leaving on the Greyhound Bus!

What is he difference? In a small community such as Jeffrey’s Bay, You have to deliver good service. Omit this element at your own peril. People talk and a good business is rewarded with increased turnover with the opposite for a fly-by-nighter!

J-Bay Connect is committed to supporting local business and we like to have a strong local flavour. Our economy was very small a couple of years ago but has grown to town with a large population, ready and eager for opportunities in the area. With the Fountains Mall well established, various energy projects and a strong farming and tourism sector, we are poised to grow even further – look out for those opportunities!

If you would like to join the Kouga Business Forum, have a look at their Facebook page and get to know the people behind the forum.

Wavecrest Surf School – the epitome of J Bay Life

Andrew Moon of Wavecrest Surf School explaining the technique.