Have the best holiday ever when you visit the top holiday destinations worldwide when you read this blog by Jbay Connect. Find out now! The top holiday destinations around the world are the following:

1. United States of America (USA) The USA is the leading global holiday destination and is also a leading global producer of travel products, services and related media content. It is also a leading destination for American visitors, and its tourism industry has been one of the fastest growing industries over the last two decades, with revenues reaching $

2.6 trillion in 2012 alone. Its economic output and employment are among the highest in the world, and its per capita income is amongst the highest in the world. It is home to some of the most popular international attractions and sporting events. The country’s National Park System comprises 558 national parks and monuments, all managed by the U.S. National Park Service. More than 30% of the land area of the United States is protected as national parks or other public lands. It is also the only developed country that borders two different time zones, and is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

3. Canada Canada is a northern country, located between the United States and the Atlantic Ocean. Canada’s official languages are English and French, with several aboriginal tribal languages and dialects in remote regions. Canada has been officially bilingual since 1867, although both English and French are spoken by the majority of Canadians.

4. Hawaii, United States: Hawaii is the most visited state in the US with almost 6 million tourist arrivals every year. Its popular tourist attractions include the famous Honolulu Zoo and the Pearl Harbor, which was attacked on December 7, 1941, resulting in the deaths of more than 2,400 people and injuring more than 10,000 others.

5. Mexico: Mexico is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations with around 36 million visitors per year. Its beaches are beautiful and offer an amazing mix of sun and sea. Its main city, Guadalajara, has been designated as one of the world’s best cities for 2017 by CNN.

6. Fiji: Fiji is a small country located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is known for its tropical climate, natural beauty and the friendly locals. Its largest city, Suva, offers visitors a range of attractions such as the National Art Gallery and the Savusavu Bay.

7. Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a Central American country located in the western region of North America. It is also known as The Land of the Sun for the clear blue skies it receives throughout the year. The country also hosts a variety of wildlife and has become popular for its biodiversity.

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