Visiting the bay is a great way to spend your weekends with friends and family. Enjoy the fine sand, clear waters, the sound of palm trees and waves, a view overlooking the beautiful sea and even enjoy a meal beside the shoreline. Some bays even hold activities like snorkelling, boat riding, races, sports and many more. So you’re guaranteed you are not going to run out of things to do.

But of course, just like any other trip, you have to plan out what to bring from what to eat, drink, wear and even play with when you’re at the bay. Being prepared with everything you’ll need will prevent setbacks and prepare for any accidents and emergencies. So if you have no idea what to pack, Jbay Connect has summed up everything you’ll need down below:

  1. Food and drinks

Even if you plan on eating at a nearby restaurant you still have to pack emergency food and drinks. Great food to pack when heading to a bay is finger foods, it’s easy, quick and doesn’t require utensils. This can be anything from sandwiches, sliders, corn on a cob, slices of fruits, chips, slices of veggies and many more. This can be great to snack on during the road trip or at the bay and will prevent you from spending and buying from food stalls and booths.

When it comes to drinks, always bring more water than any other drinks you’re planning to buy. You may not notice but having fresh water at the beach is one of the holy grails, this can be used not only for drinking but also to wash hands, utensils and even your sandy slippers before going in the car.

  1. What to wear

When it comes to packing clothes you can never go wrong with extras. Always pack an extra shirt, shorts and even underwear before heading off to the bay and remember to pick out clothes appropriate for the weather such as sleeveless tops, crop tops, shorts and anything that feels light and comfortable. This will prepare you for any situation that might happen such as getting your initial extra shirt or shorts wet or even losing it. So to keep you fully equipped and ready here’s a checklist of what clothes to pack:

  • 2 extra shirts
  • 2 extra shorts
  • Swimwear
  • Extra underwear
  • Sunhat
  • Shades
  • A kimono or scarf
  • Slippers 
  1. All your essentials

Essentials are items that you generally keep in your handbag and those you’ll frequently need and require to enter a premise or in an emergency. These are things to consider double-checking on before leaving the house and here’s a list:

  • Sunblock
  • Power bank
  • Wallet
  • I.D
  • Towels
  • First aid kit
  • Any necessary medication
  • Important documents such as tickets and passes

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