Tourism is one of the biggest economic factors that contribute to the stability of a country. Find out how important tourism is here at Jbay Connect. Tourism is important because  More Than Anything Else, It Fills Up The Pockets Of Everyday People With Hard-Earned Foreign Curency!

But, there’s another important reason why tourism is so vitally important to the world economy and I’m going to tell you about it right now. Many countries throughout the world depend almost entirely on tourism for their economy. Let me give you an example: Some time ago, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal which told about a certain country called “Bolivia.” You may not have heard of this country but, it’s actually one of the largest countries in South America with a total land area of approximately 4,000 square miles. Bolivia is one of those “back-of-the-border” countries who doesn’t get much attention from most people living in the U.S. But, Bolivia does have natural beauty, a fascinating history and it’s home to what may be the most biologically diverse country on earth. Plus, it has some of the best deep-adventurous camping available anywhere! Recently, however, Bolivia has been getting more and more attention because … They Now Get More Tourists Than Any Other Country In South America!

Second is that  It Helps Provide Much Needed Foreign Exchange!

Foreign exchange, especially U.S. dollars, are very valuable in many parts of the world. Hotels and other businesses often must purchase foreign currency in order to pay for their operating expenses or to import necessary goods. They do this by selling U.S. dollars to people who have the ability and desire to spend those dollars elsewhere in the world. In many cases, these individuals are people who have saved their money for years and now have the means to purchase whatever they want.

In other cases, the individuals are considered “investors” who have large amounts of cash to invest in businesses or real estate or some other type of project. Whatever the case may be, when these individuals decide to purchase U.S. dollars, they are doing so because …

They Have Been Given An Incentive To Do So!

It is important for businesses to realize this. If a business owner can convince his customers (or potential customers) that he is willing to give them an incentive to spend money by offering favorable foreign exchange rates, he will experience a much greater degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty than if he did not offer such a rate.

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