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TrueWAN Wireless internet explained

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Our Truewan Wireless internet should not be confused with 3G, it is not mobile but a fixed point connection utilising wireless technology. No phone or ADSL lines are needed either. After a successful free site survey by one of our installers where it was determined that you can receive a TrueWAN broadband connection, we install a wireless antenna/radio on your premise. The antenna has an attached receiver/transmitter unit and will be installed on your roof or eaves, or where you can receive the best connection signal. The mounted radio/antenna should have a clear line of sight. The wireless signal from your radio/antenna on the roof goes to TRUE TECHNOLOGIES’s access point and from there to TRUE TECHNOLOGIES’s backhaul, a point to point wireless link which is directly connected to the internet backbone.

What if I don’t have direct line of sight to the AP
If you do not have a direct line-of-sight to a transmitter or relay tower, one option is to use point-to-point (PTP) networking. PTP networking is where the signal from the Internet antenna is bounced to a second set of antennas. We can also notify you when we’ve erected another high site in your area with line of sight to your premise

What is the Basic Installation Process?
• CPE (client premise equipment) is mounted

Mikrotik SXT – Nanostation M2 / M5 – Mikrotik CPE – Long range wireless grid

true technologies truewan jeffreys bay jbayconnect

The CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) is a small weatherproof antenna/radio mounted on the eaves or rooftop. It can also be mounted on a separate freestanding pole or tower. The installed antenna points to an Access Point located on a radio tower or tall building. High hills and growing trees and foliage could impair your wireless signal, this is why TRUE TECHNOLOGIES’ installers need a clear line of sight. Fixed-wireless systems operate at frequencies that require a clear line of sight.

If your rooftop has an uninterrupted line of sight to one of TRUE TECHNOLOGIES’s many base stations, the antenna and radio are connected via Ethernet/Network cable to your LAN (local area network). This connection is like any other Ethernet based high-speed internet access, except this “last mile” is without any wires.

A CAT5 cable also known as Ethernet cable is run down from the antenna/radio on an exterior wall. Our installers try hiding the cable as much as possible. The installer then drills a small hole in the wall, or will work with existing installation for Cable, Phone, or Satellite TV installations and fish the cable through the hole. If you need additional wiring please contact us for an official quotation. You can use a wireless router to distribute further connections to other areas of you house or computers. (We do not provide you with an internal wireless router or switch, but we have a wide variety in store to choose from) You may discuss the various options with TRUE TECHNOLOGIES for recommendations on which router to buy, as it depends on how big your house is. If you have an ADSL wireless router, this can still be used to setup an indoor hotspot/wireless network. Our technicians can assist with the setup.

Connect Your computer
Once inside the house the cable can be connected to a computer with a network card, a wireless router. (a router is highly recommended for added security). TRUE TECHNOLOGIES provides you with 1 Ethernet connection. If you want to connect more than 1 computer you need a network switch or wireless router, which works as a splitter and you connect can multiple computers to it. It sends your signal wirelessly through your house to any other computer or laptop.

With everything in place – The connection is tested and your e-mail and VoIP (voice over internet protocol / phone extension) can be setup if requested.

This is what you pay for: *
• Installation Services
• Installation and activation charge
30m or less of cable
one exterior wall mount & aluminium pole
1 connection and configuration to the computer network card
Interface setup and configuring of your TrueWAN e-mail and VoIP accounts

How long does the installation take? About 2-3hours

*Additional charges may apply for special installations (e.g. non-penetrating roof mount, extension pole, wall jack, additional cabling beyond 30m etc.) Custom Installation is done by quote only. Trouble shooting computer problems are also not included. We charge R300/hour for this service.

What Equipment do I get?

TRUE TECHNOLOGIES mostly uses Mikrotik or Ubiquity products
The outdoor wireless Internet equipment supplied at installation remains the property of TRUE TECHNOLOGIES and must be returned to us upon termination of your Service Agreement or you will be charged in accordance with the terms of the Service Agreement

Do I need a phone line?
No, the TRUE TECHNOLOGIES service does not use a phone-line like your dial-up or DSL connection. It may in fact replace your existing phone line altogether, as you can make voice calls and send faxes via your internet connection (additional hardware and/or software required)

• Where do you mount the antenna (radio)?
TRUE TECHNOLOGIES installs the radio (antenna) on the eves of your roof or somewhere on the roof where you have a clear line-of-sight to the TRUE TECHNOLOGIES transmitter.

Who owns the equipment?
TRUE TECHNOLOGIES cc owns the radio (antenna), mounting bracket & pole and the power supply and power over Ethernet adapter(indoors). You as the customer are responsible for the installed Equipment; please ensure that you comprehensively insure it against theft and damage (power and lightning damage included). TRUE TECHNOLOGIES advises the customer not to move or tamper with the equipment once the installation is completed. The installed radio contains certain components and software which are proprietary. You must agree that you will not try to change anything without direct instructions by TRUE TECHNOLOGIES.

Does bad weather affect my signal?
Heat, cold, rain should not under normal circumstances affect your wireless Internet connection. Environmental factors like electrical surges, lightning, water damage and extreme winds can affect your connection. The internet is relayed wirelessly through our high sites and is reliant on power. Although we have UPS’s on all of our towers, there might be a break in service if the power outage lasts a few hours.

To learn more about these and other products we offer, please contact Tina Ekermans or one of her team at: 042 293 4168 or 042 293 1851 or 042 293 3360 ~ VOIP
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