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Mexican Restaurant – a Jeffrey’s Bay icon

We’re a local, Jeffrey’s Bay Mexican Fusion Food specialist that delivers spicy, flavoursome and innovative dishes.

mexican restaurant jeffreys bay jbay

Contrary to popular belief, Mexican cuisine isn’t served HOT, it’s spicy. Traditionally chilli and extra heat is added to a dish according to personal preference.

mexican restaurant jeffreys bay jbay

We also serve traditional fare such as steaks, burgers, ribs, seafood and pasta but if you want to go Mexican, and you like HOT food, ask for extra chilli and our amazing range of sauces to compliment your Mexican experience.

mexican restaurant jeffreys bay jbay

We are first and foremost, a Mexican Grill and Restaurant, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re also undisputably JBay’s premier destination for sundowner cocktails. Check out our cocktail menu for an idea of why we rock JBay’s best cocktails!

We’re also heavily involved in JBay Pet Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue initiative that works in conjunction with SPCA and other pet rescue organisations. Led by Cindy and Irma, two Jeffreys Bay locals who are passionate about animals, JBay Pet Rescue is the last line of defence. Two extraordinary women who choose to be the ones who guard the guardians.

We host regular golf days and poker evenings to raise both funds and awareness of JBay Pet Rescue so keep an eye out on our Events Page for upcoming fund raising efforts. You can also read more on the JBAY PET RESCUE section.

We’ve got an interview with both Warren and Michelle Dean lined up for you too. Something that allows you to get to know them a little better, and maybe, a conversation gambit to avoid the inevitable tequila that’s going to be coming your way.

We’re also pretty fortunate to have a super talented guy in Troy Wells who consistently films JBAY surfing at it’s best, so we’ve got some killer video footage for you of JBay going ballistic, and the surfers who tear it up, old school style.

There’s a news and blog update section so you can stay up to date with what we’re rocking, and we’ve started a blog that’s going to be recipe, and entertainment ideas driven. It’s a resource exclusively for you, and we hope you enjoy. Some of the recipes are ours, and others are a collection of great ideas and recipes sourced from friends, clients, and online.

mexican restaurant jeffreys bay jbay

We’ve put our site together with the idea of having you return frequently, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s working for you, and where you think we could improve so please comment, we’d love to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you at the Mexican soon, if you have any queries, would like to find out more, or need an assist with anything, please feel free to touch base with us at your earliest convenience.

19 Da Gama Road, Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Tel: +27 42 293 2966

Mexican Fusion Food Restaurant

Traditionally, Mexican Food isn’t served HOT, it’s spicy. Heat in the form of chilli or chilli sauce is added after being served according to personal taste.

If you’ve never tried Mexican Fusion Food before, we recommend you try one of our Mexican Platters and get a little taste of everything to find your favourite, favourite!

mexican jeffereys bay jbayconnect

From kiddies margharita pizza’s on our kiddies menu, through to 600g T Bone steaks prepared to perfection on our Mexican Grill, we’ve got a little something special for everyone.

Got to our site, take your time and find what rocks for you. We’ve got the grill fired up, fresh ingredients chopped, and the beers on ice waiting for you.

mexican jeffreys bay jbay connect

mexican jeffreys bay jbayconnect

mexican restaurant jeffreys bay jbay

JBay Pet Rescue was founded with the aim of rescuing and nurturing sick, abused and abandoned animals in the Jeffreys Bay region in partnership with local vets, the SPCA, and local business where opportunities presented themselves.

Cindy and Irma invest their time in finding abused animals in need of care, rescuing them from the circumstances they face, and working flat out to ensure these pets find good homes amongst friends and family.

Over the past few years, they have identified the lack of sterilization as one of the primary causes for the increased numbers of stray animals left to fend for themselves and have set about doing sterilization drives in partnership with local vets and animal clinics.

They currently use about 100kg of dog food per month for their trips into poverty stricken areas and are in desperate need of funds to purchase food, or donations in the form of dog food. Many of the pets in these areas are under nourished, suffer from nutrition related illness, and become aggressive in their pursuit of food; and the feeding program has achieved significant results in the region.

“When we first started with JBay Pet Rescue, a lot of people just simply didn’t care about their animals,” says Cindy, “but after a bit of TLC, proper nutrition and small things like proper collars and chains, things really started to change. People started to care for their animals because a cared for dog is a happy dog and that’s irresistable”.

It provides them with the motivation and encouragement to continue this very difficult task. “We are seeing results, albeit slowly, and that’s encouraging. We’ve got a number of small businesses in the region who have been making monthly donations into our account from R50 to R500, and that’s proven invaluable for us.

We have an elderly gentleman who pays R100 a month to the local pet food supplier for us and it’s those contributions from people that have kept us alive over the years,” says Cindy, “many people don’t help because they think it’s massive funds that are required but in truth, if we simply had local community members giving us R50 a month on debit order it would change the game completely!”

At The Mexican, we’ve run a couple of golf days that have helped raise in the region of R10 000 an event whilst our Poker evenings raise between R3500 and R5000 per event. We’d like to start offering more events but we desperately need your help in doing so.

The Poker Evenings are a R100 buy-in and we play with chips so it’s a fun and interactive environment. Michelle provides snacks free of charge and Warren is always on hand with a spot prize for participants or random penalty drinks.

So keep an eye out for that and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s up and running. There is a link on the side of this page to JBay Pet Rescue’s facebook page so please click on the like button and stay in touch with what they are doing. It’s a great local initiative and we’re crazy about the work they have been doing in our community!

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