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When talking food and the differences between the old methods and the new, here at InFood we feel that too often the talk is about convenience versus work.

Well, maybe there is a place for some of the new machines and gadgets on the market, but for the most part, the making of really good food is in the being there, the hands on and head first into that box of fresh, not frozen, vegetables, to wash and to peel, to dice and to julienne etcetera, by hand, not pop it all into the food processor and flick a switch. To be honest it doesn’t taste the same coming out of those ‘instant chefs’, and they have yet to invent a machine that can add that now so rare and elusive ingredient, Soul. Here at Infood we like the old ways, which is why our bread is so good. We don’t employ the convenience of pre-mix dough in our breads for instance, but rather use the ten thousand year old way of baking our breads and rolls from scratch, and wherever possible, employing the same with everything we do at InFood.

I tend to wonder sometimes as to why there is such a thing as ‘long-life bread’ for instance. Who benefits from long life bread anyway?

The super-markets of course, as with anything that has been given the ‘long-life ‘injection. Well, on a personal level, if I buy a loaf of bread and it’s really good, what is the point of having all those added chemicals for longevity when I’m going to eat the whole loaf in one day anyway. This is of course convenient for some, and we have actually been made to believe that this convenience thing is good for you as well. Farmers markets and fish markets are practically a thing of the past, and there are some who never get a truly fresh product past their lips. Jamie Oliver even showed in one of his series’ that pre-cooked frozen ‘T.V.’ meals are more expensive, take longer to make ready for eating, and are a whole lot less good for you than the simple task of doing it yourself, meaning work. It’s a pity so many have an aversion to cooking, because it really can be so much fun and only takes a little love and a certain amount of caring to give you and your family a really good, tasty and wholesome meal that is not just another convenience food.

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