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Ettienne Venter – Local Springbok Coach

Etienne Venter Springbok surf coach Jeffrey's Bay Surf School


Etienne Venter coaches the best in the country

Jeffreys Bay Surf School was established in 2000 by Etienne Venter to fill the need in Jeffreys Bay for a qualified surfing instructor. Etienne is a full licensed S.S.A. level 3/ S.E. instructor and life guard so the best care, instructions and safety are guaranteed.

The experience begins when the jeep comes to pick you up at your accommodation and drives you to the main beach. This beach has small consistent waves which are perfect for beginners.

The lessons start on the beach where you begin with the safety instructions and warming up. The groups exists out of maximum eight people to secure individual attention.

The whole idea is to learn surfing on a soft surfboard in a few simple steps.

Most of the first time, students are standing up surfing during this two hour session. The lessons are designed to be intensive and are of course about having a good time.

First the instructor shows how to do every step correctly, then the students try them while he gives personal advise to each student and corrects where necessary.

If all the steps are practised on the beach it is time to get in the water and put the theory into practice. The instructor goes in the water with the group to give some final adjustments. But as for all learning, it all comes down to practice. And when you do catch your first real wave, it gives you that stoked feeling you will carry in your memories for a life time!

But even when you are a advanced surfer you can get in touch with Jeffreys Bay Surf School to go on a surfari. Depending on the weather and surf reports, a full licensed instructor will drive you around to the best spots of that moment so good surf is garanteed.

He will take you to places in Jeffreys Bay, St. Francis,…. where ever the waves are waiting.

Again, you are picked up and dropped off at your accommodation and the equipment is provided, if needed, so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the trip…

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